Our jewelry has power.

It's imbued with meaning and it touches our skin, it's personal. Our fashion choices are more than a look – they express our ideas, they way we live, what's happening, our emotions, and our personality. What we wear becomes a daily ritual of self love, self-expression and celebrating craft.


Our process:

It’s important to me that the pieces we love wearing have an eco-conscious origin. I work exclusively with recycled silver and source stones as responsibly as possible. Every piece is crafted using a combination of hi-tech and handmade methods. This mix of metal laser cutting, 3d design and traditional metal-smithing practices embraces the present with a respect for old and new techniques. Every design starts off as a sketch before they’re prototyped by hand or modeled in 3d software to ensure sizing and fitting. I also work with EH Schwab, a family operated company just outside of Pittsburgh to help with lasered components. Then the fabrication process of soldering, forming, forging, setting stones, sanding and polishing follows.


Photo by Nicole Lockerman

Frost Finery in the Press

Frost Finery is turning heads. Here are some of the places Frost Finery has been featured:

Much Love

Pittsburgh is home to Frost Finery because Pittsburgh is full of open, giving, smart people and organizations. Shout outs and big hugs for those making Pittsburgh a place we’re proud to call home.